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Dinah's Delight!
This quilt started with a simple Aunt Dinah's block but then we added in some chain blocks too! The blocks themselves are simple to piece and the quilt looks great when it's done! The pattern provides three sizes: baby (45" x 60"), lap size (as pictured) 60" x 75" and the large quilt (90" x 105".)
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Ref # dinahpic2021_cvr_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Fractured Star
I love scrap quilts -- can you tell? This quilt just has two blocks, the star block and a simple chain block, which makes it easy to cut and piece! This is also a good quilt for using up smaller scrap pieces. The pattern has instructions for three sizes: baby (38" x 51"), lap size, which is pictured (52" x 64") and the large quilt (77" x 89").
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Queen's Court
This has been one of my favorite quilts for a very long time. I love the design and also love the fact that there's room to do some really pretty quilting -- hand or machine! Although this quilt looks complicated -- it really isn't! The photo shows the lap size (57" x 80") but there's also a large version too (81" x 103"). If you need it to be larger you can certainly add an outside border.
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Gather 'Round The Table
Our book is a collection of 12 table runner patterns -- one for each month. (The patterns themselves aren't really "monthy" -- but there ARE 12 of them!) We ran these runners on our website about a year ago and received so many requests for them that we decided to put them together into a book. There are complete instructions for each runner plus color photos of two versions of each runner for a total of 58 pages. The front and back covers are laminated and it is spiral bound so that it will lie flat.
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Ref # grcoverforwebsite2_jpg      $24.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Farm Scraps
I designed this quilt to honor farm families everywhere. However, you don't have to live on a farm to enjoy it! It's got six different blocks (none of which are hard!) including a simple pieced border. The quilt finishes at approximately 85" x 102" but you can make it larger by adding another outer border.

Many thanks to Nina Thoren who has graciously allowed me to use her beautiful version of the quilt on the pattern cover and website!
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Ref # farmscrapsweb_jpg      $12.00 ea.         Quantity:  

We've finally published the pattern for our 2003 Mystery Quilt! I love scrap quilts can you tell? None of the blocks in this quilt are difficult and there are a variety of blocks so that you don't get bored when you're piecing them.
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Ref # scraporamaptrn_jpg      $12.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Zigzag 9
This quilt is just made for fat quarters or a strip exchange!

The sizes are: baby (42" x 50"), lap (51" x 68") and large (93" x 102").
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Ref # zigzag9_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

The Gandiegow Hometown Quilt
The newest pattern in the Kilts & Quilts series! The Gandiegow Hometown Quilt was designed to represent the village of Gandiegow. The center medallion incorporates the sea, seawall, village homes and the beautiful Scottish hills. There are even some simple appliqued thistles! The pattern includes cutting and piecing instructions, applique templates and full-size foundation paper piecing patterns for the houses. (You will need to photocopy the full-sized paper piecing patterns for your use.) The pattern instructions are for the full size quilt (90" x 90") and also a lap size version (54" x 72").
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Ref # hometownquilt_jpg      $15.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Potluck Pinwheels
This quilt gives you the chance to use up some of your scraps or dig into your collection of fat quarters! Better yet, swap strips with a friend or your quilting group!

The pattern offers three sizes: Large quilt (84" x 96"), lap size (48" x 60") and baby quilt (36" x 48").

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Ref # potluckpinwheels_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Gandiegow Star
Here's your chance to use up some of your scraps or dig into your collection of fat quarters! Better yet, swap strips with your friends or quilting group! If you don't want to swap fabric you're always welcome to purchase our Gandiegow Star fabric kit!

The sizes of this quilt are: Baby (48" x 57"), Lap (54" x 72") and Large (82" x 100").
    Gandiegow Star

Ref # gandiegowcover_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Gandiegow Star Fabric Kit & Pattern
Here's an easy way to make the lap size Gandiegow Star quilt (54" x 72")! This kit includes all the fabric that you need to make the quilt top plus enough for a patchwork binding. The strips are already cut for you -- all you have to do is subcut them to the correct lengths and start to sew! Every kit will be somewhat different depending on the fabrics available. The kit includes the pattern but it DOES NOT include backing fabric.
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Ref # img1559_jpg      $100.00 each         Quantity:  

Gandiegow Crossing Paths (formerly called Whirl-a-Jig)
This quilt (formerly named Whirl-A-Jig) is the quilt that is teamed up with Patience Griffin's novel, Blame It On Scotland. This simple quilt gives you a chance to use up some of your scraps or dig into your collection of fat quarters! Better yet -- swap with friends or your quilting group. The pattern provides you with two sizes; lap quilt (63" x 81") or large quilt (81" x99").

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Ref # whirlajig1_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

This quilt pattern has been so popular! I've honestly never seen a Galaxy quilt that didn't look terrific! It seems as though any combination of fabrics works wonderfully! There are only twelve blocks in the quilt and they aren't hard! If you want to make the quilt larger, add the pieced border. This pattern offers three sizes: lap (48" x 66"), large (81" x 99") and larger (84" x 106").
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Ref # galaxy04_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Granny's Choice
I needed to come up with a quilt for a guy -- and this is what I ended up with. No frills, no fancy stuff -- just a quilt that looks like a quilt! This quilt is fun and goes together pretty quickly. The pattern offers three sizes, baby, lap and queen.
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Ref # grannyschoice_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

I had such a good time with this pattern! The pictured quilt was pieced by my friend Sarah. Isn't it pretty! Did you notice that the pinwheels turn in opposite directions? (Don't worry -- you don't have to try and keep it straight -- it just happens when you put the blocks together!) I designed this quilt for a Retreat. The pattern includes instructions for two quilt sizes, lap and queen (89" x 102").
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Ref # spinoutforwebsite_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Red Hot Leftovers
I love this quilt! Since red is my favorite color - I couldn't resist! The pattern has two quilt sizes -- full/queen and lap.
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Ref # redhotpat_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Fenced In Bears
If you’ve got lots of fabrics in your scrapbag then this quilt is for you! You could use a single background or mix that up too! It would even be fun to swap fabrics with your quilting friends! Any way that you make it — this quilt is stunning! The pattern features two quilt sizes. The Lap Quilt measures 46" x 69" and the large quilt (pictured) finishes at 90" x 113".

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Ref # bearsforwebsite_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

The Gandiegow Doctor's Quilt
I designed The Gandiegow Doctor's Quilt as a companion to the second book in Patience Griffin's Kilts & Quilts Series, Meet Me In Scotland. Although the combination of blocks in this quilt make it look quite intricate, the blocks themselves are far easier to piece than they appear! You can use up lots of scraps when you make this beautiful quilt! The large quilt is 85" x 102" and the lap size is 69" x 86".

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Ref # doctorsquilt_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

The Gandiegow Matchmaker's Quilt
I can't believe it! I have the quilt that accompanies Patience's 3rd book, Some Like It Scottish, finished before the book has been released! (July 5th 2015 is the released date!) This quilt was fun to make because the blocks are simple and go together easily plus I got to play with lots of fabrics! If you want to use up scraps or swap fabrics with friends here's your chance! The pattern has instructions for two quilt sizes; the large quilt is 90" x 103" plus there are two different design options for the lap quilt (54" x 72").
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Ref # matchmakers_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Swingin' On A Star
Bright and scrappy! Those are my favorite kind of quilts! This quilt is a scrap-buster and is fun to make because it only uses two blocks. The pattern has directions for both a lap quilt (52" x 65") and the large quilt (78" x 90). We give you several options for making the skinny star points by including a pattern for paper piecing them or you can use either the TRI-RECS tool (from EZ Quilting) or Michell Marketing's Peaky & Spike template set. Once you get everything cut -- you'll be surprised at how quickly this quilt comes together!
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Ref # swingin_jpg      $10.00 ea         Quantity:  

Thy Will Be Done
This quilt was a labor of love! My church asked me to make a quilt to hang in our new addition. How could I refuse! This quilt is somewhat deceiving because the body of the quilt is only one simple pattern piece and is very simple to piece together. The challenging part is deciding what colors to put where! (A design board or flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth helps with this!) The applique can be done either traditionally (by hand) or by machine -- which ever you prefer.
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Ref # thywill_jpg      $10.00 ea         Quantity:  

This was one of my "stay sane during quarantine" quilts! I finally got to use my Kaffe fat quarters! This is a fun scrap quilt or, like me, you can use some of those fat quarters you've been wondering what to do with.
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Ref # celebration2_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Sticks & Stones
This quilt uses lots of background scraps and a whole lotof little bitty leftover scraps of color (the "stones"). The "sticks" can be one color (as shown) or you can scrap those too!
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Ref # sticks3_jpg      $10.00 ea.         Quantity:  

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